Monday, November 2, 2015

October Wrap Up Post (Which I am Crazy for Attempting, Because NaNoWriMo)

And it's already time for the monthly wrap up with Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction. Make sure you check out her blog for book reviews, zombies, and other fun stuff.

Here's the link if you want to join up.

If you aren't doing it, you're probably smarter than me . . .

Anyhow, because I will be typing furiously in between my heavy work load, I probably won't be reading or blogging much, but you never know.

October was a bit of a yo-yo month for me. I read quite a bit, but I worked a lot as well, and then my car gave out two weeks into the month. So I am rather pleased with 8 posts, actually. It's better than I thought I'd do.

  • I shared the first-ever snippet from my upcoming novel, Knight of the Blue Surcoat for the 777 challenge. So make sure you check that out if you'd like to read a little of my non-blog writing. :)
  • October is the perfect month for spooky books (though I am usually looking for these all year round), so I shared ten of my favorite less-known creepy reads (and introduced the Creepymeter). If you've read any of them, please comment and tell me because I am desperately seeking people to fangirl with . . .
  • I introduced my NaNo novel (which I am only 3K words into, but that's more than 0!) for Beautiful Books!
  • I went back up to my former hometown, Cedar, MI, and took some friends. We had a fun weekend and shared a lot of pictures and I played Grand Traverse/Leelanau tour guide. Click here for some lovely shots of Northern Michigan :) I also incorporated the Infinity Dreams award into this, and managed to leave TC with about fifteen new books . . .
  • And I finally read and reviewed Walk on Earth a Stranger. It was a great read, and a good way to get my mind off of car troubles!!

So that's it for posts, but I didn't just read one book! Or rather, I read a few books and an immense pile of manga . . . I got hooked on Itsuwaribito (manga) and Fruits Basket (thanks Victoria Grace for that last one), and found a few more series I might continue. I'm thinking I'll do a post that summarizes a lot of the stuff I've read in the past month :P

Right now I'm making my way through the Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven. It's gorgeous, people, so if you (or your kids/kids you know) loved that series, I highly recommend checking it out. (Review to come).

(Friendly warning - if you don't speak Naruto this might look like gibberish, but I added pictures and helpful links!)

And as for Halloween - I had to work as usual, and I always try the poor customers by dressing up as something no one in small town Montague recognizes! (The Eleventh Doctor really puzzled everyone a couple years ago)

I ordered some awesome contacts back in September for my modern (genderswapped)  Uchiha Itachi costume . . . and they still haven't gotten here! And then, all my plans kind of fell through due to the aforementioned car. 

But my sister Grace (who was going to join me as Kisame!) and I spent two late nights making Akatsuki clouds and then sewing them on sweatshirts. We ended up with kind of slapdash, homemade costumes, but it was a ton of fun, and the sweatshirts turned out really well! 

At the last minute, we pulled my sister Emma into the loop, giving her whisker marks and a Naruto sweatshirt. So they came to work with me so we'd have some place to wear our costumes. Unfortunately, I don't have very good pictures (crazy day and I am bad at taking pics of myself), but here's what I do have.

Our shoes were $6 Dollar Store sandals, with black socks (toe cut off), and sweater sleeves that I cut off last minute for my legwarmers. And Grace's shark hat was a random JCPenney purchase (it looks so much like Kisame's face!)

We caught the nine tails.

You can't really see Grace's hair and makeup, but she french braided her hair so it would stick up, and used blue hair chalk to tint it. And she has gills on her cheekbones :P

Considering we got our costumes on and did makeup/hair in fifteen minutes, I feel like we did okay :)

Every Halloween, I think "I'll get up early before work and do an awesome job . . ." but then by the time my alarm goes off, snooze is much more rewarding than looking good (actually, it's not just Halloween, that's true for every morning shift!).*

^^^^This is probably why I've never done the full cosplay shebang. I love dressing up, and I love making costumes, but there's just so much . . . commitment (and money!) involved. Bothersome.

So I take a picture with that skull every year (far right middle). I spend (too much) plenty of time declaiming lines from Hamlet (which I love) to this same skull each October.**

Anyhow, it was fun, and one person at least realized G and I were Akatsuki (which was impressive for Montague - sorry Montague).

We might have been more recognizable as Naruto and Sasuke (which is on our list, along with basically every elf from LOTR, Sharon & Peggy Carter, Fili & Kili, and Cap & Bucky, and Thor & Loki, and you get the picture)***

So did you/do you dress up on Halloween? If so, what was the most elaborate costume you've ever worn? 

Also, How was your October? Did you read anything fabulous? And ARE YOU AS EXCITED ABOUT STAR WARS AS I AM!!!!????****

Have a great November everyone!

*I don't feel too bad about the lack of effort. No one wakes up looking as pretty as Itachi anyhow!
**Uhm, yes, I know how strange I am.
***So they're mostly guys. It hasn't stopped me yet. And I don't think working dressed as an elf is an option. The only thing that wouldn't get in the way would be the ears.
****Part excited, part leery. I mean - the prequels *shudders*