Monday, October 5, 2015

777 Writing Challenge (with the first ever snippet from Knight of the Blue Surcoat!)

Deborah O'Carroll @ The Road of a Writer tagged me for this challenge a couple weeks ago (and I'm actually getting to it pretty quickly, for me! Thanks Deborah!). Anyhow, the 777 challenge is the first writing challenge I've been tagged for, so I was pretty excited. Now, since I have a few more tags to get to, I'm not tagging anyone - however- if you are a writer and you read this, feel free to post seven sentences from the seventh page in your current WIP in the comments. I'll read them :)

Anyhow, the rules are basically this:

  1. Go to your current WIP's seventh page.
  2. Select seven lines and post. (Some variations have you going seven lines down, and all that).
  3. Tag 7 People to do the same

Since this tag is so simple, I decided to do it twice: and the second snippet is my first ever posted for my upcoming novel, Knight of the Blue Surcoat!
Photo Source

But first, a snippet from The Last Coffee Shop in all of its unedited glory. And some context, because words without context make me a little batty. (Click the links to learn more about these characters and the novel premise) Note: The art/pics do not belong to me. They are credited/sourced to the artists and are not being used for any profit :)

My protagonist, Mads Capot, owns and works in The Last Coffee Shop in the world. The setting is post-apocalyptic parallel Earth. The Alan referenced in the snippet is one of Mads' two best friends, and son of the local business tycoon (they basically live in a giant terrarium), and he's showing off the shop to some of his dad's clients.

Mads rolled her eyes at the obvious pitch. If Alan were alone, he would have the morning news, both local and galactic. He'd chat until his father paged him, calling him back to his duties as the only heir to the prestigious Dekker firm and fortune. But Alan was someone else every time he came in with a group, it was something Mads had never liked about him. 
"And here she is: ma petite Madeleine Capot le Roux, herself,"Alan proclaimed behind her, making Mads jump. She turned the motion into a spin, and set his steaming latte in front of him with a practiced flourish. 
Mads turned her scowl into a tight smile, "No one calls me that, and I'm anything but little," she kept her eyes on the newcomers, studying their unfamiliar faces and guessing what sort of coffee they'd order, if any.

Okay, so that was my random TLCS snippet. If you're interested, I have been featuring it for Beautiful People each month as well. There's also a fun Pinboard of TLCS inspiration (where the pic is from).

And here's the snippet from The Knight of the Blue Surcoat (coming Summer 2016) - Note: Text is in pre-published form and subject to change. Copyright Rebekah L. Hendrian 2015
Enid and Geraint - Rowland Wheelwright 1907- Public Domain

This snippet is actually Orlando's introduction in the text (read more about him here), so it goes along well with last month's post:

Orlando grabbed another apple from the half-open sack. His stomach felt like a grave, ever anxious to devour. Or at least, what Orlando assumed a grave would feel like, if they could feel. Maybe he’d write an epic poem about it someday, in the style of Homer. 
Orlando glanced at his manservant, a sturdy fisherman from Crete. “You’re still not hungry, Horace?” 
The man sighed. “Highness, watching you eat takes away my appetite.” 
Orlando bit a chunk out of the rosy red fruit. “You were born old and fat, then?”

Okay, so it's technically eight lines, but since I'm disregarding the rules anyway . . . And if you are a Pinterest nut like me, here's the board for this one.

So, what did you think about the snippets? They're pretty sparse, but I think they did show a little bit about my characters. Again, if you'd like to share a 777 snippet, feel free to post them in the comments!