Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TTT: Top 10 Things I'd Ask a Book Genie For

The Broke and the Bookish
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This week's theme is 10 things you would request from a Book Genie (imagine that?), and it was so hard that I just went with the first 10 things I thought of! (Gifs belong to respective copyright holders. They are being used for zero financial gain)

Top 10 Things I'd Ask A Book Genie For:

1. An Infinite Library 

 It should resemble the one in Beauty and the Beast, but be bigger on the inside (so basically, the TARDIS library, but prettified).

2. The ability to pick up a book and instantly be able to read it, whether it is in Greek, Swahili, or unidentified runic script.

Ahh, ancient mysteries are now revealed to me.

3. All my books (current and future) to be published and find readers who will like them :)

But what author doesn't want this?

4. A list of every book I ever read, and what I thought about it

Because, sadly, I don't remember. Goodreads wasn't around when I was a kid, and there are too many gaps in my memory!

5. For the next book in every series I like to show up unprompted at my door.

Wouldn't this be amazing? And I love getting mail.

6. A reading time loop - so that I could enter it, read as much as I wanted, and come out and no time had passed at all. (Can you tell I really want to play with space and time!)

This could be a dangerous power, my friends.

7. A portal to the Library of Alexandria (I'd be afraid of having it restored though, it might change history, and any Doctor Who fan knows the danger there . . .)

This was a daydream of mine ever since childhood. I always loved reading about it. *Sighs* my heart hurts.

8. A portal to all book worlds/locations in my backyard

This gif is mesmerizing. And this is certainly my best idea yet. I don't know if I'd ever come out again though! 

9. A portal system in all world libraries that allows you to travel based on your intentions

If you are using the portals to travel with ill intent, it doesn't work. But if you want to step into a library in Ukraine or Washington D.C. or Brazil, you can. This would be a wicked useful tool for research, you know.

10. Instant and endless tickets to meet/see all my favorite authors in exciting and/or international locations.

 The world isn't ready for this.