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TTT: Top Ten Author Dream Teams (And What They Should Write)

So, I had this all set up to write Tuesday - and then I some friends and I decided to go to the Extended Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies instead . . . *more on that in the footnotes. And then Wednesday happened and I was training a new employee, so nothing happened on the blog. But I'll pretend it's still Tuesday and finish this because it's fun! (For info on TTT & The Broke and the Bookish, click here)
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So this week's theme was Top 10 Author Duos we'd like to see (write a book, obviously). But since this is something I think about all the time, I also have exactly the type of novel I'd like them to write together!

My Top 10 Author Dream Teams (and What They Should Write:

This is one of my pet ideas. Eoin Colfer's snark and Neil Gaiman's humorous gravity would be a perfect match. I'd want them to write a creepy steampunk novel with tons of gadgets and a mysterious underworld. And naturally, a young protagonist. Think the Graveyard Book meets + Neverwhere Artemis Fowl.

They're a pair of fangirls who aren't afraid of the indulgently awesome, or just the indulgent. And they both are surprisingly good at writing lovable male characters (it goes without saying that they're good at girls). And they both have this Asian fusion vibe. I think they could do a great cyberpunk/science fantasy novel - think Samurai 7 + Lunar Chronicles + The Iron Fey

This inspired idea came to me a while back, when I was reading one of the final volumes of Naruto. Maberry and Kishimoto have similar strengths and interests: young male protagonists, brotherly love, courage, honor, and of course-traditional Japanese culture. I want them to write a graphic novel arc about ninjas versus samurai set after some sort of apocalyptic event (past or future doesn't matter to me). They'd have to use a translator (that would be a fun job!!), but it would be awesome. The Last of Us + Naruto + The Matrix + Lord of the Flies. I dare you to tell me this wouldn't be epic . . .

They even know each other, so I think this could be arranged. I want them to do a series of obscure Grimm's fairytale rewrites, focusing on sibling relationships. It would play to their strengths as authors and I think their writing styles would mesh well. Think Princess of the Midnight Ball + Fablehaven + Once Upon a Time. And if anyone could retell The Marsh King's Daughter, it might be these two.

After reading Six of Crows, I really want to see one of Leigh Bardugo's worlds. I also think her knack for morally ambiguous but lovable characters would be awesome in a manga. So I'd bring in mangaka Matsuri Hino. Her scenery and settings are gorgeous (and her people are too!), and I think she has a visual style** that would really amplify Bardugo's imagination. I'd want to see them do an intense graphic novel arc that involves thieves and monsters and magic. So think Six of Crows + Vampire Knight + Catch Me if You Can.

I feel like the vampire/monster thing has been really overdone. But if anyone could write the ultimate vampire hunter book, it's these two. I'm envisioning Hellsing Written in Red + Blade + Dresden Files. The pages might not be able to handle the cool.

Regency Romance! They're both splendid at manners comedies, but the have the depth and gravity to save it from being a total fluff-fest. It would be sweet and accurate and sincere, and hilarious. I'm picturing a charming story that is also a mystery, so Northanger Abbey + Sorcery and Cecelia + Newt's Emerald.

I want these two to write a classic-style sci-fi novel. Both are strong story/action novelists, and I feel like they would complement each other as writers. Card is better at endings and writing male characters, and Collins is better at action. They've both written for film/TV too, so they know how to structure a story well and work with other writers. I'm envisioning Star Trek + Lost in Space + The Martian + Hunger Games.

Two more authors who have experience with co-authoring books, I feel like their styles/themes/characters could be very complementary. I'm thinking an epic hardcore fantasy, but set in a Middle Eastern and/or Persian Folklore inspired world. It would have a large cast of complex characters and a beautifully described landscape. Arabian Nights + Prince of Persia + Mistborn + The Blue Sword.

With a knack for the gothic sort of creepy, and a predisposition to humor and fun characters, I think these two could write a great old fashioned horror/thriller/mystery meets video game story. Maybe characters get their minds stuck in a historical haunted house game, or something like that? Nancy Drew  + Heir Apparent + Lockwood & Co. + Supernatural sounds like a good mix to me.

So what do you think of these pairings? Do you have an author "dream team?" If you do, what sort of book would you like them to write?

*Weeeelll, BotFA Extended was better than the Theatrical release, I'll give it that. There was actually a funeral for the Sons of Durin, and Thorin had the Arkenstone, like he was supposed to. There were also some more delightful sassy-Thranduil moments. And a ridiculous (but vaguely funny) cart that decapitated trolls . . . I really don't know how I felt about it. In my opinion, the Extended Desolation of Smaug is the best of three (even with the incredibly boring and pointless Smaug-Dwarf-Dragon chase on the end).

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