My Novel Projects

I have a host of novels in various stages of completion. Here are a few of the ones I am either writing, editing, or otherwise working on in the goal of publication. All artwork/characters/works are my own original content and copyrights are mine. 

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Started 2003: Herald of Doom and it's unnamed sequel:

A hero fantasy that's a parody of a hero fantasy. There are several invented languages, multiple creatures and cultures with deep rooted biases and practices, prophecies, grouchy mentors, elves, several Dark Lords, and all sorts of craziness.
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Started 2004: Cominnari Trilogy - Complete, Waiting for Edit/Rewrite

Lord of the Flies meets Star Wars meets Game of Thrones meets Vanity Fair. A science fantasy novel about a 17 year old spy/society girl who gets framed for her father's murder and banished to a hostile planet.  This is my pet project - the one that I am the most emotionally invested in and attached to - and I revisit it periodically and still love it to death. Below is half of a page of cover art I drew for the second book back in 2005. Rebian is on the right, and my favorite character (maybe ever), Kieran, is the guy on the left. Kieran is my inner voice (not joking, he's my unfiltered self in fictional guy form) Note my minor obsession with facial scars. I also was (am) obsessed with twins. There are two sets of them in this book.
On the far right, you can see my insect-like design for a spaceship. The big face on the right is Doran, Kieran's twin brother, who also plays a pivotal role in the story.

Evyn has questionable taste in  clothes.
In between working on my Cominnarian trilogy, I started a bunch of new projects. ADR was one of the only ones I finished. It's a modern day retelling of the ballad Tam Lin (another one of my obsessions). Set partially in a rehab/home for troubled teens, and partially in my version of Faeryland, ADR starred my only homeschooled character, Amaranth, and had a very complex mythology.

Evyn, my version of Tam Lin, was a transplant from the 18th century: a gloomy, deadly, tortured soul with giant wings. Naturally, I drew him as a cute chibi fairy most of the time. If it wasn't chibi, it was my usual attempts at manga, like the example to the left. I want his haircut. (Although I suspect it would look horrible on me).

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Started 2009- ALL the retellings.

ADR sparked off a bunch of stories about my Faeryland in its various time periods. Among these was Dark Wings, which is a mishmash of Beauty and the Beast and East of the Sun and West of the Moon. I added warrior faery women and made the beast a monster/shape shifter who took a wolf form by day. Not surprisingly, Primrose Thanesdaughter (my Belle) has a monster side herself.

There is also a second Beauty and the Beast story, from the prince's perspective. This has been done a lot, but I liked my dastardly Prince Ashe enough to keep going for awhile!

In the more unique category, I have a twisted tale version of Cinderella where Cinderella is the villain, and her Prince Charming (his real name is Raphael) is a lazy wastrel who ends up on the witness protection program. He basically has to man up, and there are a lot of fairytales involved. I definitely plan on coming back to this one.

I also started a Snow White retelling in fictionalized Romania with monster hunters, lots of wintry frosty danger, and a bucketload of angsty characters that are all ambiguous.

Started 2010 - AKA the year I decided to take on vampires and all their tropes

The best one out of all of these was a crazy parody where a girl becomes Dracula's heir (without knowing it). I then gleefully placed her in a house full of glamorous, deadly, and attractive vampires who are trying to get her to marry them, and delighted in her acting in a realistic way (she's terrified), Many silly situations occur. Things get complicated (erm, more complicated) when one of the vampires turns out to be a vampire hunter in disguise, and he's just waiting for her to slip up so he can take her out (he has lots of reasons, but there is a lot of plot involved and I am feeling lazy). Shenanigans ensue.

Another project I intend to return to is an ambitious steampunk book that takes place on an alternate earth. There is a lot of Nordic mythology and Frankenstein inspiration.

Started 2011 - King Arthur Retellings: The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnel. Completed and in need of editing.

Probably the most straightforward retelling I've ever done. It's just waiting to be rewritten and polished.

Also, Knight of the Blue Surcoat, but more about that here!
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Started 2012 - The Seven Deadly Virtues  and an untitled Bluebeard retelling, In Progress

The Seven Deadly Virtues is one of my stranger ideas. I personified seven virtues and made warriors out of them. And the plot is basically inspired by The Seven Samurai. There are cyborg elves and supernatural creatures aplenty, and the world is a wasteland. The Virtues, as they're called, are cosmic beings who each represent a portion of the world, and they fight epic battles unseen by the human eye. This sounds like a comic book as I'm typing it out. I will probably come back to this one.

My Bluebeard retelling is set in New Orleans, and I have a ton of research put into it. I plan on finishing it.
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Started 2013 - A project tentatively known as Dark Lord, lots of words but incomplete.

I always wonder how the Dark Lords feel about their fate? This story was born of that question. Note: my Dark Lord is actually female, and she has amnesia at the beginning of the book. In fact, the wizard council has bewitched her to think she's the fated hero. I am definitely coming back to this.

Started 2014- A retelling of Snow White and Rose Red, with pirates! Because I really love retellings.

2014-Present: The Last Coffee Shop was my utter failure at NaNoWriMo, but I am still plugging away at the first draft in between other projects. It is my current pet project, and has been the subject of several posts which you can find links for below.

Post #1 gives a basic premise and highlights protagonist, Madeleine "Mads" Capot.
Post #2 features more info about my main characters' parents
Post #3 is an interview with the dashing dancing criminal, Jupiter Jive
Post #4 is an exploration of Mads and her two best friends.
Post # 5 finally tells us more about Luc
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Needless to say, I am always working on something, so check back to this page for occasional updates :)