Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tam Lin

Thursday is the Day of Writing-which is what I'm trying to do right now. Instead, I find myself distracted by this gem: How to fold a Fitted Sheet!
 That's more exciting than it should be.
  Or better still, my latest Etsy Treasury, inspired by the Scottish version of the ballad Tam Lin. It's a fabulous story (the ballad) about a brave young woman named Jennet, who decides to get her stolen family lands back, despite rumors of a fierce guardian. The guardian turns out to be a young man named Tam Lin, who was kidnapped by fairies years earlier. Of course, they fall in love-but there's a problem. You see, the fairies have made a bargain with the Devil. They must sacrifice one of their best and brightest to Hell every seven years (not a predicament you want to be in). This year the Fairy Queen has settled on the unfortunate Tam Lin, as she's apparently tired of him. Instead of crying and going home, Jennet decides to do something about it. Despite the danger and the doubt of those around her, she declares that she will not give her own true love for any lord in the land, and determines to rescue him. How she does this comprises the rest of the story-but it's clever and bold, and she is ultimately rewarded. If this piqued your interest, check out the rest of the  ballad here: Versions of Tam Lin
   Anyhow, here's a link to the treasury, and some teasers:

The amazing Celtic Warrior Circlet Poppy Jasper by Thyme2dream on Etsy. Buy here:

A lovely piece of art by the super-talented Marta Morales of DreamSight on

You can purchase in her shop here:

There's even more amazing art and other loveliness in the treasury, just check out the link below.

   Of course, based on my love for the ballad, I wrote a novel based around it. It isn't polished (by a long shot)-and I wrote most of it at ages sixteen and seventeen, but I intend to pull it out eventually. In fact, I've considered publishing a chapter a week, here on the blog. It could happen, we'll see how things go.
    I am avoiding writing my current project by writing this post, as I just realized. It's much easier to do this than to figure out exactly where and when my MC (main character) should be in golden age New Orleans . . .
    Enough procrastinating! So long, good night, I'm off to write a book.