Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello, Happy First Birthday, Blog

So, today (Monday, August 13, 2012) is the first day in the life of Gloves, Gears, and Elves-the blog output of Rebekah from VirvatuliDesigns, which, coincidentally, is the same date that Think Geek was established 13 years ago, but I digress . . .

My goal is to put an entry up every single day of the year, minus Sundays and Holidays.
We'll see.

Anyhow, I will attempt to be as interesting as possible. With that in mind, I guess I'll start at the beginning . . .

    For anyone who stumbles upon this-I am a writer living in rural West Michigan. I know the ins and outs of chicken processing, and I consider myself a proficient knitter. I love reading, traveling, Renaissance festivals, steampunk, superheroes, and Shakespeare, and I typically write for ages 10 and up. Follow my blog for writing snippets, random interesting things, and possible information on chicken butchering.

I'll try to stick to this posting schedule (because I like things orderly):
Monday: Product Overview/Review
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: A Day in the Life of a Semi-Reluctant Farmer
Thursday: Writing
Friday: Book/Movie/Music Review
Saturday: Week in Review/Wild Card

So, starting today: the Product Overview
Since I am just beginning, I will start with something easy, my sister Grace's fantastic Odette Rag doll:

 Lovely, isn't she? (Odette is on the left)

       Odette is the heroine of the ballet Swan Lake. Represented as a princess or queen, Odette is the leader of a group of enchanted maidens. Placed under a spell that makes them swans by day, they are restored to their true forms at night. Each evening, they come back to a lake formed from Odette's "mother's tears" and become maidens again. This spell can only be broken if a man who has never loved another woman swears to love Odette forever and marries her.
    Swan Lake tells how she meets that man, Siegfried, and the ultimately tragic end to both of them. You can read the whole story, as well as the history of the ballet, here:

       The Odette doll has a pensive, yet sweet look to her, as if she knows things aren't going to turn out well, but she is going to try anyway. You can purchase her at

     All of VirvatuliDesigns dolls are 100% hand made in our West Michigan home. No two are exactly alike, but Grace is willing to duplicate any design, and she takes custom orders.

   Thanks for looking, and make sure to check out the rest of our store!

     So, there we have it, a very long first post. Congratulations to me.