Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TTT: Gif-ful Writerly (and Readerly) Resolutions For 2016

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Well, I haven't participated in The Broke and the Bookish TTT in awhile, and I'm feeling a bit foggy in the idea department, sooooo, you get my Top 10 New Year's Resolutions! Most of them are writing or book related, but I am prone to fits of incurable randomness.

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It's the 5th already, so I suppose I'm resigned to the fact that 2015 is over. Not that I was particularly attached to it, or anything, it just felt too darn fast. Still, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Especially my book. But in the meantime, I do have some goals, resolutions, and things I'd like to accomplish. And what better way to keep myself accountable than to post them where other people can see?

Writerly/Readerly Resolutions for 2016


1. Promote My Debut Novel (Knight of the Blue Surcoat)!

I have been blabbing pretty endlessly about this, but it isn't going to stop. As soon as I get that date, I will be even louder. Prepare yourselves.
Are you?

2. Finish Drafting The Last Coffee Shop and Complete at least One Rewrite

I'm really, really close on this one. I've actually done some rewrites up to the halfway point as a stalling method. I don't know what it is about endings with me - if I know exactly how I'm going to end something, I seem to have a more difficult time reaching the end! How does that make any sense?
Does anyone ever look more dumbfounded than Dean?


3. Complete at least One Rewrite/Polish/Edit of One of My Other Novels

This might be the most out there resolution on this list. I am a notoriously slow editor.

Maybe if I walk away no one will remember I said this.

4. Review All My Arcs, Even If It's Just a Paragraph on Goodreads

I have an ARC problem. There's something about an unreleased book that makes me go all melty inside. And then I feel incredibly cool for having an exclusive. Even if no one reads my paragraphs that I pledge to write, I still plan on writing one for every single ARC. *rides off into sunset*

Fabulous Ferb

5. Be More Diligent About Teaching Myself Japanese (And maybe Korean)

Lifelong goal peoples. I forked over what little spending money I have in my budget for some books and cds and workbooks. I'm better at applying myself to something if I have made an investment. And it's also (kind-of) research - because I've had a novel idea stewing that is set in an alternate East Asian landscape. Secondly, traveling to Japan is on my top ten life goals. I'd like to at least understand a little of this complex, elegant, and beautiful language.
Kanji? Are you laughing at me?


6. Make an Actual Writing Schedule- And Follow It

Well, my previous attempts have been glorious failures.
I don't think I've actually tried hard enough.

7. Win NaNo

More glorious failures. I have hit the 50K word mark once. But that was before I started working all week! But I will not be thwarted by NaNo forever. Maybe this is my year . . .
NaNo, it's me or you.

8. Learn An Awesome Dance - Because Research

There is a lot of dancing background material in TLCS. I've watched tons of videos and listened to hundreds of dance-y songs to get the feel for things. And all it left me with is the desire to do at least one dance well. My enemies are my coordination and dreadful memory for moves.
I don't think I could learn this one in 50 years of practicing

 9. Read At Least 75 Books That I Have Never Read Before

Goodreads, I'm counting on you. Here's my profile link if you want to join in (and be reading friends). I easily exceeded my goal of 50 this year (nevermind that half of my book count was manga!). Ideally, I'll read one book I own, one for review, and one to expand my horizons. That seems like a good rule of thumb.
Me at every event I've ever been dragged to.

10. Put Up One Or More Blog Posts A Week

I definitely saw helpful results from my blogging this year. I got (a little) more confident about sharing my work. I made friends. I consciously tried to work at my writing, even on a casual level. And everyone's input has not only been helpful, it's actually set me back at my personal (or novel) writing with increased drive. In some cases, it's made me want to write my books even more than I already did, or given me a breakthrough. Writing teachers always told me that a little writing every day, of any kind, would help. *hangs head in shame* I'm glad I finally listened to their advice.
I think I can do this dance, at least.


 So what are your resolutions or goals for 2016 (writing or otherwise)? Do you feel prepared for the upcoming year?

I might be able to learn this one. But I would only wear these clothes if you paid me.