Tuesday, August 18, 2015

TTT: Top Ten Authors I Will Buy Every Book From (Even If It's Just a Cookbook)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. If you'd like to participate, there are details here.

This was interesting, considering that most of my absolute favorite authors are deceased. So unless they truly become ghost writers,* I've bought everything they'll ever write. I tend to hesitate before I fork out my scant spending money on unknown books. Even if I love an author, I may not like everything they've ever written (i.e. Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series), or I might prefer their Adult to their YA, or vice versa. So this was actually hard for me! But I finally managed to narrow it down. A little.

So, in no particular order:

The Top 10 Authors I Would Even Buy a Cookbook** From:

1. Robin McKinley

Anyone who's read this blog probably knows how much I love Robin McKinley. If it has her name on it, I will shove money over faster than you can blink.

2. Chris Bradford

I haven't read his bodyguard series (yet), but I love his Young Samurai series so much that I will read those bodyguard ones and anything else he decides to write. Like McKinley, he lives in the UK, so that means I have to obtain English editions, grrrr . . .

3. Neil Gaiman

Another one that is probably obvious. I discovered Gaiman when I was a younger teenager, and fell in love with his witty, beautiful writing. He is one of my few actual insta-buys.

4. Megan Whalen Turner

So far, she only has The Queen's Thief series, but I've obtained every one as soon as they were out, and I would instantly buy any other book she wrote

5. Intisar Khanani

One of my most recent discoveries - I have purchased everything she has out there, and I am anxiously awaiting Sunbolt's sequel.

6. Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles. Each one is an instant purchase for me, and I cannot wait to read whatever Meyer does next!

7. Matthew Pearl

Historical fiction that really makes you feel like you're there. And he can make just about anything exciting.

8. D. M. Cornish

An Australian author who also illustrated his awesome Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy. If he ever publishes anything else, I'll be in line to get it.

9. Markus Zusak

The second Australian - and I'm going on the assumption that everyone knows who he is. The Book Thief  was beautiful and stirring (and Death the narrator-so perfect), but I also love I Am the Messenger. I eagerly await anything more from this guy.

10. Garth Nix

The final Australian - and another author who I have sung the praises of all over the place. Despite the fact that I am less than thrilled by his MG stuff, his YA is A++.

*Corny jokes

**Or how about a cookbook that they all contribute to? Or cookbooks from their invented worlds? That would be epic.

So, do you have any authors who are insta-buys, or are you reluctant to so easily part from your hard earned cash?