Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Where are They Now? Fictional Character Edition

Over at The Broke and the Bookish they have a fun feature called Top Ten Tuesday where they invite other bloggers to participate in lists (I love lists). This week's topic is "Where Are They Now?" (Not your high school friends or your childhood neighbor: fictional characters). Have you ever finished a book, found out there was no sequel, and then been tormented about the characters future or fate? No? Yes? I have, and without further ado, my list:
 (all links/pictures are from Goodreads)

*I tried to avoid spoilers, but be careful, all the same*

1. Aerin from Robin McKinley's The Hero and the Crown
First, if you haven't read it, you should. This book influenced me as both a reader and a writer. But it does not have a satisfying resolution is so many ways! (That's not a bad thing, and it works for the story)

According to McKinleys blog, Aerin did go back to Luthe eventually, but what happened? When? How? I need answers. And I'm not alone, apparently McKinley gets these questions a lot!*

2.  Everyone Tolkien ever wrote about (I'm kind of serious).

What happens after the Undying Lands? Will Arwen or Luthien ever see their fathers again (or their mothers????) What were Faramir and Eowyn's lives like? What ever did happen to the Entwives? Where are the Blue Wizards? Did Legolas have a mother, or was he adopted? How did Dis feel about losing her husband, brother, and sons, and what did she do about it? I could go on for this entire blog post, but I'll spare you the questions.

3. Finn, Jared, Claudia, Keiro, Attia, what happened to you guys? (From Incarceron and Sapphique)

I was one of those people who loved these books. I even kind of loved how frustrating they were. The characters aren't really likable, and you never get to deep into their heads or motives, which somehow made them more fascinating. Keiro is my favorite (horrible, but so funny). BUT WHAT HAPPENED? There is no third book, most of the plot threads are only mildly dealt with. There is so much I want to know. Were they ever able to pick up the pieces after the ending? What about the other prisoners? Does Finn ever become king, or do they do away with the monarchy altogether? Again, I could go on, but you get the picture.

4. Richard Mayhew from Neverwhere

And Door, and the Marquis, while I'm at it. Richard's choice at the end of the novel is very interesting. How do things pan out for him? Does he choose the right thing? I wish I knew. 5.This is another novel that needs to be read (if you haven't already)**

5. Theo, Mickle, Florian, and everyone else from the Westmark Trilogy

This is another classic series that I read as a teenager. They are a bit like Les Miserables meets The Queen's Thief series, but a lot lighter. The characters have complete arcs over the series, but I'd love to check in on them later on in their lives. (And while we're at it, whatever happened to Vesper Holly?)

6. And speaking of The Queen's Thief series . . .

I know that we hear a bit about Irene and Gen after The King of Attolia, but that just wasn't enough to satisfy me. Do they ever become parents, because that would be a riot.

7. Jonathan (and Arabella) Strange, and Mr. Norrell from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Susanna Clarke's magnificent historical fantasy is another book you love, or hate (or don't finish). It's one of my favorites from the last ten years, and I'd love to hear more about the characters.

8. Rhett and Scarlett from Gone With the Wind

This book was so full of ups and downs, and at times, I despised ever character. However, wouldn't we all like to know what happened to these two, and where they ended up?

9. The son from The Road

Did he survive? Was there any thing to really survive for? Obviously, these questions had nothing to do with the book, but that doesn't stop me from wondering . . .

10. The Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist

I doubt I was the only person who wanted to hear his side of the story. I have been wondering about this guy since I was eight years old, and I will probably never stop. Who exactly is the Artful Dodger, how did he come to be, and where did he really end up? I need that book.

So there (late, late, late) are my top ten :) anyone else have these?

*Honestly, Robin McKinley is a repeat offender on the "I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THAT IS THE END OF THE BOOK WHO ARE YOU KIDDING LIST" Look at Rae/Sunshine in Sunshine . . . WHAT HAPPENS NOW?
** Check out the excellent dramatized version starring James McAvoy (who would be an awesome movie/show Richard. Now I need to see that too)