Friday, July 10, 2015

A Brief Update (I Survived Camp Hogwarts)

Despite rumors to the contrary,* I am still around. Or half around.

Explanation: The store where I work does a book themed camp every year (usually Harry Potter), and yours truly gets to do all of the planning, and then the camp stuff too.

So in the past two weeks I've:

Made the freakiest papier-mache pinata head, ever.
Played Muggle Quidditch with 10 wild children for several hours each day. In the sun.
An accurate representation.
Taught "Hogwarts" style classes, real science and history, and sundry other things to aforementioned 10 children.
Drawn a to-scale head and shoulders of a troll so we could stick our wands up its nose (figuratively, since it was 2D)

Stayed up way too late and gotten up way too early so I can prep for all this stuff.
Had my head nearly explode from how loud nine boys and one girl between the ages of 6 and 12 can be in a closed space.

That's just a little taste of the craziness . . .

But you know what, it was fabulous, and they all seemed to have a wonderful time.

However, I've had absolutely zero time to blog, write, read, or do anything not related to wizard schooling and gloriously gross crafts (slime, anyone?).

Sitting on my to-do list are a lovely Liebster Award Challenge** from Sara Letourneau, 10+ half-finished ARCs, 5+ finished ARCs I'd like to review, a pile of extraneous work, a messy house, and my writing. So instead of doing any of those wonderful things, I decided to write a blog post about doing none of them.

I'm so productive.

So after I post this post, my productive self is going to make a cup of tea, eat something, catch up on some reading, and then watch some Naruto. Because Naruto might, someday, help me get something done.*** Who knows?

What have you been up to this week? Do you have those weeks (months!) where it feels like you can't get anything done? How do you feel about summer camps? If you were stuck on a desert island with 10 children, no power, and 5 random ingredients, how would you fare?

*The Internet wasn't asking where I was, but everyone at work (customers), thought I had the week off. For real.
** I am so close to being done with my Liebster post (and I came up with some really cool questions [in my humble opinion]). I am still trying to decide which book cover is my all time favorite.
***Watching Naruto will help me finish Naruto, right?